Gamers… Should we really grow up?

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Gamers… Should we really grow up?

“Grow up.” This is what my wife shouted at me as I refused to pick her up because of DOTA 2’s weekend battle cup. The prospect of a pre-planned (might I add) Saturday night with the lads was exciting to say the least. As a man in my early twenties, should I really heed my wife’s advice and start ‘growing up’?

Quora user, Garrett, says that “no age is too old for playing video games.” I couldn’t agree more, but what about the addictive element to video games? Could I be more productive? Or even the supposed violence it causes? I for one have put some serious time into video games. Am I addicted? Although my Wife might believe it, I don’t think so.

I decided to delve deeper in to my research and asked an anonymous source, a father of three, the same question. As an avid CS:GO player, he said to me that “it’s like watching the telly but solving puzzles at the same time.”  However, he also mentioned that they are also highly addictive.” Sometimes I go to bed at 5am, my wife has to come down to tell me off.” I couldn’t relate anymore.

It’s all sounding good for the older generations, right? Well, apparently insomnia and later back problems are increasingly common in the adult gamer. This can “result in drowsiness and hypoactive immune system”and apparently “also lack the abilities of time-management.”<1> This study by TechSpirited doesn’t make it sound too healthy, but is this really the fate of us adult gamers?

In an article written by Dr Gray over at PyscologyToday, he seems to think that the technophobes are fearmongering explaining to us that “the bulk of the research suggests that the claims about negative effects of video gaming are largely myths.” <2>

Overall, we can see some negatives of staying up in the early hours of the morning. Is it clear enough to stop us? Definitely not. There are people out there that don’t think it’s a great idea to be playing past the teens but it’s all very subjective. ‘This may happen’ is all too common in their observations. I say we leave them to their strictly’ and carry on, who’s with me?

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