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POSTED BY londonesports 04/02/2019 in CS:GO
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It’s now the week of Epic26, epic.LAN’s yearly gaming festival. Players will be coming from all across the UK to battle it out over LAN this Thursday in Kettering.

With activities ranging from casual dance offs to esports tournaments (and even a pub quiz!), London Esport’s CS:GO roster has their eyes on the prize. The £6000 prize pool that will see them come face to face with over 40 teams, including CeX and Fierce Esports.

We decided to go behind the scenes and ask London’s Adam ‘Ec1s’ Eccles what team he was most looking forward to play against. Eccles explained how he is “most looking forward to playing the Smooya mix, who are funnily enough named the ‘LDN Slayers’ I really feel like it will come down to us versus them in the finals.”

Of course we had to ask him how confident the team are about winning to which he replied “I’m confident we can beat them [LDN Slayers] but as always, I’m sure the final will go down to the third deciding map.”

Only four days remain until the tournament kicks off. Be sure to tune in to epic.LAN’s Twitch to see how the future unfolds for London. Will the LDN Slayers succeed in their mission?

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