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POSTED BY londonesports 16/02/2019 in CS:GO
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epic.LAN’s gaming festival epic26, hosted in Kettering, has now been and gone. It’s been over a week since London placed second in the £6000 prize pool CS:GO tournament. A tournament where the LDN Slayers, a pop-up team comprising of some the UK’s top tier players had one intention, to put a halt to London Esport’s streak. As you could guess, they were successful. We went behind the scenes to see how the players reflect on their performance over the weekend.

After London Esports was seeded first in the tournament and poised to win, London went undefeated in the group stage on Friday. We asked team captain, Sam ‘Astroo’ Gresham what challenges the team would face as they advance into the Best of three knockout stage, to which he said to us:

“We don’t have Immi [Team Coach] going to the event but our biggest challenge is our map pool as it comes to the best of three games, we really lack a strong map pool. This, we will continuously work on.”

London excelled through the knockout stage on Saturday with their head held high. With very little opposition on the path to the upper bracket finals, it was then that London had their first confrontation with the notorious LDN Slayers. After a few vital mistakes, the Slayers secured two maps where London could only find one.

A crushing end to Saturday meant that now, London, only had one more chance to beat the Slayers but only if they were to beat the lower bracket semi-finalist. London delivered, securing a 2-1 game against ReflexEU on the next day. One more step away from the prize, they would once again come face to face with their nemesis.

To no avail, London still could not find an answer to the LDN Slayers as they clutched the game, sending London home disappointed. But what went wrong? “We could have prepared for the LAN better, [again] we didn’t have Immi going to the event. We could have focused on a proper map pool for, but we were just focusing on maps for other online officials.” says Astroo.

The LDN Slayers did what they came to do, but this isn’t the end for London Esports CS:GO Roster. They are currently undefeated in the group stage of ESL’s Spring Premiership and hold good standing in the ESEA Advanced series.

“We are focused on winning ESL UK and making the ESEA Playoffs. We are still working hard to get a good map pool for more best of three games and hopefully, with an extended map pool, we will participate in more qualifiers and cups.”

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Luke Barry – Media Team

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