London picks up Afro Smash, investing more in to UK Smash Ultimate

POSTED BY londonesports 11/03/2019 in Smash
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London today teased the signing of a second Smash Ultimate player. Their tweet showing what seemed to be Samus didn’t have many guessing. After London’s Peli won Fairgame 7 doubles last Saturday with partner Afro Smash, many in the Smash community predicted the inevitable.

London shortly followed up on their tweet, announcing that new player Afro Smash will now be participating in the UKIE Smash Ultimate Circuit under London’s name. This signing shows that London Esports director, Alfie Wright, is keen to invest into the UK Smash Ultimate community.

Another new member as we welcome
Afro Smash
to our team!

Afro has proved he is at the top of his game and his signing shows our ambition in helping the U.K. Smash Ultimate scene.

Director, Alfie Wright

Afro Smash, currently sits at second place in the UKIE circuit with 116 points. Maining character Samus, from the the Metroid series, He is the UK’s top Samus player.

His next tournament, Dat BlastZone 30, is hosted in London at the end of this month. Afro will be participating in both Doubles and Singles, however, his Doubles partner is yet to be revealed.

For updates on Afro Smash and his future fixtures, visit our homepage or follow us @LDN_Esports

Luke Barry – Media Team

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