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After London Esports sees its CS:GO team depart on Thursday, London delves deeper into the world of esports. The organisation took it’s first step into Nintendo’s latest instalment in the Super Smash Bros. franchise. Earlier today they announced that they will welcome their new Smash Ultimate player, James ‘Peli’ Hunt.

Currently participating in the UK & Ireland Ultimate Circuit, Peli stands at the top of the board with 240 points. His latest tournament, WaveSmash, hosted in Portsmouth, saw Peli win all of his ten games and place 1st. The circuit consists of multiple tournaments hosted all over the United Kingdom. For every placing achieved at a tournament, a relative amount of points are rewarded to the player. Each points contribute to the players overall standing. We asked player, Peli, what he though about the circuit “I think the circuit system is pretty good for encouraging travel and competition.”

Peli’s choice of character, since the age of 10, is King Dedede. Dedede originated in 1992, debuting in the game Kirby’s Dream Land. As the main villain in the Kirby franchise, Dedede secured his place in the first Super Smash Bros. Brawl released in 2008.

In the last Super Smash Bros., Dedede fans were underwhelmed, complaining that he was too weak in comparison to other characters. Smash Ultimate saw Dedede buffed once again and he immediately became a key character in the game. “Now that he’s a lot stronger in this game maining him was a no brainer. I also love how funny his animations are and the impact of his hits makes him satisfying to play” says Peli.

To keep track of Peli’s progress in future events, follow us on our social media and check out our results on the homepage.

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