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Welcome back to our series where you can get to know the people behind the scenes here at London Esports. Today is a special day as you have voted for the founder and director Alfie Wright, @LDN_Alfie. 

Our next poll will be live soon so make sure to follow us on social media and keep an eye out for it to make sure you get your vote for who will be next! 

What’s your name: Alfie Wright

What role do you have here at LDN: Director of London Esports

Biggest Achievement or Favorite moment: That’s a good question! There have been so many moments here that I have absolutely loved. If I was to pick my favourite it would have to be winning the ESL Prem at the start of the year. To be able to attend the venue and watch the team in a more professional environment was a joy to see, especially how the games played out. Also seeing the team lifting the trophy after a long day was the best way to end the day. We hope to achieve this again and lift another premiership trophy!

What you’re looking forward too: I am looking forward to i65. A mixture of seeing our new roster perform for the first time as well with all the content we have planned to create for our fans. This should mean that the whole weekend should both be practical and fun.

Why you set up LDN: I decided to set up London Esports as a way to help players take the next step. It originally started as a Dota 2 team and blew up from that. We started the organisation as a way to help the UK esports scene and we will continue to do this until the UK is scene as a major esports region.

Do you have anything special planned we should know about: We have a couple of announcements coming up so make sure to keep up with our social medias to see those!

Once again thank you for checking out this article and for voting in the poll. Make sure to follow all our social media accounts to keep up to date with everything here at LDN Esports.

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