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Welcome to our first installment of our Meet the Team series. We want our fans to get to know us and who is behind the scenes here at London Esports and what we do. We will be releasing these on a schedule so lookout for our next one!

By popular demand the first person you guys are meeting will be @TheAfroSmash who was voted for by our Twitter followers. So make sure to keep an eye out for the upcoming polls on who to vote for next. 

@TheAfroSmash representing London Esports at his latest event

Name: Alan Gardner, but you probably know as my much celebrated alter ego Afro Smash. 

Role: Professional Tweeter, and I play Smash Bros sometimes. 

Biggest achievement: Not being cancelled yet and making people fear a low tier character for 5 years. 

What you’re looking forward to: Relaxing this Summer and focusing on my health, then hopefully getting my drive back for competing this Autumn/Winter.

Why you like working with LDN: They’re cool guys, very flexible and understanding and they’re always checking to see if they can do anymore to help.

Thanks for checking out the Meet The Team article. Make sure to head over to our social media to vote in the next poll and keep up to date on everything new that happens.

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