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POSTED BY londonesports 01/02/2020 in Gaming
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We’re extremely excited to announce the collaboration between The Pulse Clan and London Esports, to form Pulse London.

Pulse London will be a team to showcase current and upcoming UK talent, starting with an already impressive roster:


Showcasing the best of their talent on the pitch, Pulse London will also be a chance for the players to shine off of the pitch and demonstrate the personalities they have to the audience.

Alfie Wright, Director of London Esports, had this to say “I’m really happy that we finally get to announce Pulse London, myself and Max have been working on this for a while now and it’s great to know that we have a good structure that can push the UK scene.

We hope that the talent we pick up can grow as players to reach their potential”

Pulse Owner, MK, also stated ” Pulse got involved because UK is a very strong region in the Rocket League scene with many upcoming talents. We, Pulse, wanna showcase the talent and form a community “

Keep your eye out on all the socials for your chance to join the team!

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